Wild rice 400g


Wild Rice

 Canadian lake wild rice from Saskatchewan, Canada remains one of the finest quality grains, renown worldwide and a truly natural organic product!

The pristine environment of shallow lakes and slow moving rivers in northern Saskatchewan provides an ideal habitat for wild rice and Saskatchewan is now the leading producer of lake grown wild rice in Canada. Northern Lights Foods is also fully committed to future growth of this industry and providing increased opportunity for northern residents.



Nutrition Facts

Wild rice is richly dark, very nutritious, and naturally gluten free.

It is low in fat and contains 50% more protein than plain white rice.

With its high fibre content, wild rice helps improve digestive health and at the same time maintains a healthy weight, lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Wild rice is a good source of essential minerals such as calcium which builds strong bones and teeth and iron that prevents you from feeling tired.

Wild rice provides ten percent of the daily value for vitamin C which helps prevent cell damage and reduces risk for certain cancers, heart disease and other diseases.

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Wild rice 400g