Canadian Tri-Colour Quinoa


Quinoa variety, is locally grown in Western Canada. This product, which is nutritionally similar to imported quinoa varieties has the following features:

– Contains all nine essential amino acids

– Great flavour profile. Distinct sweet, nutty flavour.

– Low glycemic index relative to brown rice and other grains

– Produced through sustainable farming practices in North America

– Pre-washed and ready to cook

– Kosher certified


Quinoa (a pseudocereal) is high in carbohydrates, protein, and an excellent source of nutrients, fiber and essential vitamins. In fact, quinoa belongs to a rare group of foods that are considered to be complete protein sources, meaning that 9 essential amino acids the body requires. It is also gluten-free which enables people simply to choose not to consume wheat or wheat products to add it to their diet.
Quinoa is pre-washed, pre-cooked, and ready to eat. Our crispy quinoa is known for its distinctive toasted, nutty flavor and its protein profile (8g per 45g serving!). The only whole grain puffed quinoa on the market, enjoy three times more protein than the leading competitors brand!

Enjoy it right out of the bag! Or try it in your breakfast cereal, salads, or desserts as it makes a great protein-packed addition to any dish!

Canadian Tri-Colour Quinoa