5-Year Value Pack Bulk Ginseng (1LB/454G)


Ginseng Age:Five Years
Root Size:3-38 g/piece
Quality Level:Top Grade
Processing Procedure:4-cycle Quality Check, Root not Trimmed

Place of Origin:Southeastern Ontario, Canada
Time of Harvest:November 2020
Growing Period:Sept 2015 to Nov 2020
Export Permit #:20CA02510/CWHQ (Issued by Environment Canada)

Product Packaging:
l LB Pack:     454g (Net) 479g (Gross) | 19.5X7.0X27.0cm   | 1 Bag
6LBS Bundle:  2,724g (N) 2,829g (G) | 25.0X10.0X34.0cm | 3 bags
10LBS Bundle:4,540g (N) 4,715g (G) | 25.0X10.0X34.0cm | 5 Bags
20LBS Bundle:9,080g (N) 9,430g (G) | 25.0X10.0X34.0cm | 10 Bags
Free Small Bags:21 for 6LBS Bundle, 35 for 10LBS, and 70 for 20LBS

Product Preservation:Dry and Cool Place (Humidity <45%)
Best Before:January 2024
Friendly Reminder:Containing Large and Small Roots, Good for Self Use.



This ginseng was grown in Southwestern Ontario of Canada, a region famous for producing high quality ginseng. The 5-year ginseng delivers much richer nutrition than younger ones. Harvested in November 2020, it is the freshest one in the market. Every piece of ginseng from our company is hand-picked to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality product.

Please keep in a dry and cool place

5-Year Value Pack Bulk Ginseng (1LB/454G)